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How Are Medical Illustrations Used in Court Cases?

When you think of places where you might find highly-detailed medical illustrations, the first thing that comes to mind might be a doctor’s office or med school textbook. But did you know that medical illustrations are commonly used in legal proceedings as well? These aren’t the rough courtroom sketches you see on TV. Rather, these… Read more »

Association of Medical Illustrators Conference Coming in July

The Association of Medical Illustrators (AMI) will be holding their annual conference at the Mayo Client at the end of July. This is a high anticipated annual event for medical illustrators around the country, and it’s been happening since 1945. You might think that medical illustration is no longer needed in a time where nearly… Read more »

Why You Might See Medical Illustrations in the Courtroom

When you think about all the places you might find medical illustrations, the first thing you might think of is a textbook. For many of us, that’s the first place we might encounter medical illustrations. But that certainly is not the only place you’d find this sort of work. Medical illustrations are a great way to… Read more »