Category: Medical Editorial Illustrations

Mononucleosis: The Kissing Disease

Mononucleosis, also known as “the kissing disease,” is well known. Many of us have contracted mono when we were an adolescent or young adult. However, while most people are aware of what mono is, they don’t necessarily know all of the details of the disease. What is mono? Mono is an infectious disease caused by… Read more »

The Anatomy of the Brain: An Introduction

Every species has its strengths. For cheetahs it’s their speed, for spiders their ability to spin webs. For humans, it’s our brains. We may not be the strongest or the quickest species on the planet, but we are the smartest, and that makes us able to invent creative solutions to all sorts of problems. The… Read more »

Illustrating Late-Onset Pompe Disease

Human beings are made up of cells—trillions of them, in fact—all working in concert to ensure that our bodies function properly. They convert food into energy, send signals from your brain to your body, and they form the tissues that make up our organs. They can even make copies of themselves using our own internal… Read more »