Why You Need Anatomy Illustrations To Accompany Your Next Editorial

Are you publishing an editorial on a complicated medical subject soon? Most editorials involve giving an option once they’ve delivered the facts, and you want to make sure you opinion is coming through clearly to the reader. One way to make complicated subjects like pathology and pharmacology easier for readers to understand is to add… Read more »

Why You Might See Medical Illustrations in the Courtroom

When you think about all the places you might find medical illustrations, the first thing you might think of is a textbook. For many of us, that’s the first place we might encounter medical illustrations. But that certainly is not the only place you’d find this sort of work. Medical illustrations are a great way to… Read more »

Welcome to the Medical Illustration Blog!

Thank you for visiting my website.  I have added a new blog to keep my readers posted on new trends that are happening in the field of Medical Illustration.  There’s lots to share in this exciting artistic expression.  Stay posted and please subscribe to my posts using the form on this page.  I look forward… Read more »

Medical Illustrator – Anatomy in Art

Visual communication in science and medicine  is a very special art. Latest medical illustration projects have involved the depiction of two disease processes. The first in involves depicting 8 variations of the disease lipodystrophy. The medical illustrations will be used in a manual that will be used for the identification of the disease during a… Read more »