Why You Might See Medical Illustrations in the Courtroom

When you think about all the places you might findĀ medical illustrations, the first thing you might think of is a textbook. For many of us, that’s the first place we might encounter medical illustrations. But that certainly is not the only place you’d find this sort of work. Medical illustrations are a great way to quickly relay medical information in a way that’s easy to view and understand. Because of this, you can find them used in periodicals, television, medical brochures, and even in the courtroom.

Lawyers often call on medical illustrators to help them simplify complex medical information to a jury or judge. This may be most common in cases of malpractice or personal injury cases. Because the people serving on a jury aren’t medical experts, they may not understand the complexities involved in the medical information, but a medical illustration can make that same information clear and easy to understand so they can make an informed decision on the verdict of the case.

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