Michele Graham - Medical Illustrator

Welcome to my website.

As a independent medical illustrator, I have been creating traditional and digital illustrations for legal exhibits, medical journals, medical and pharmaceutical marketing and universities across the country and abroad since 2004. I am a Board Certified Medical Illustrator and a Professional Member of the Association of Medical Illustrators. I hold two Masters degrees, one in Drawing and the other in Anatomy/Medical Illustration. My education has given me the knowledge and expertise to successfully work in the field of medical illustration and to combine my love of art with biology and healthcare.

Based in Colorado, my custom artwork illustrates medical concepts, procedures, treatments and anatomy in an appealing, clear and technically exact manner.  My work communicates important medical information through realistic reproductions and creative representations.  Combinations of pencil, watercolor and digital techniques bring each page to life with artistic engagement and meticulous detail.

For examples of my work and experience, browse through the five portfolios on this website and contact me to discuss your project!

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